9,3 / 10
Creators Larry Lieber
Joe Russo
Runtime 181Min

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The Russo Bro’s should be commended by what they brought to the BIG SCREEN! this movie is GOLD! everything about it is non-stop fun, emotional thrill ride especially if you have followed the franchise for years. The tears will fall but the smiles will grow bigger than ever before. Some say 3 hours is too long but it’s not long enough, I could spend forever growing with these Hero’s and the wonderful actors portraying them, feel like a kid again and wishing I was a superhero! Heartwarming in all the right places. 10/10 my favorite movie of all time.

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I saw this last week and I was very impressed with the film, The only negative or negatives I have with it was that Thanos was not as important here as he was in the last film where he was a bad MF destined to wipe out humanity, Our heroes tried and tried to kill him and he successfully got all 6 stones wiping out half of the population and you could really feel like he won.
Here he is quickly killed in the beginning and the film then moves to a time travel aspect which liked but it was waayy to complicated to follow at times. I feel like the time that it took up could have been used for the end fight scene which was amazing but it was far far too short compared with Infinity War
Endgame whilst a good movie let me down with the likes of Thor and Hulk that were being held back to a comedic role which I hated!
The Last battle was good but to me tried too hard to incorporate every single hero from the previous films just to get them on the screen, The battle length was also too short compared with Infinity War which still holds up to me as the best film in the series.
A good film yes but not better than Infinity War IMO.

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It has a good story, a right drama amount before the action, it can connect all the stories together, well written.

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